living-amozon_02Students for the Living Amazon o.p.s. (SLA) is a non-profit non-governmental organization.


The  mission of the SLA is to protect the wealth and diversity of life on the Earth.


  • supporting research and protection of native Amazonian fauna and  flora;
  • promotion of the conservation of biological diversity (biodiversity) and natural, indigenous, climax, and specific successional plant communities of the Amazon;
  • protection of climate, soil, water and natural resources;
  • promotion of environmental safety, food safety and biosafety;
  • supporting indigenous people and their cultural heritage;
  • raising public awareness of current problems of the Amazon region.

SLA is a non-profit organization and has no political nor religious objectives.


The SLA non governmental organization was founded by seven students of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague by signing the founding treaty on  4th of December 2012. Founders are: Alexandr Rollo, Jiří Lipenský, Martin Dvořák, Hana Vebrová, Marie Kalousová, Lukáš Huml  and Ludvík Bortl.


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Managing director
Chief executive: Alexandr Rollo, PhD

Board of directors
Chairman: Jiří Lipenský, MSc
Ludvík Bortl, MSc, Lukáš Huml, MSc

Supervisory board
Chairman: Marie Kalousová, MSc
Hana Vebrová, MSc, Martin Dvořák, MSc

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